A Day Spent at “What The Fest!?” Film Festival in New York City

This past Saturday, fellow Horror News Network contributor Matt Wilson and I hopped the early train from Stratford, Connecticut to New York City to hit up the second annual “What The Fest!?” film festival. I was invited to attend the inaugural event in 2018 but could not make it work and I have been kicking myself since because I missed out on screenings of a few films that became favorites for me when I finally did get the chance to see them; namely Satan’s SlavesGhost Stories, Revenge, and The Ranger. read more

Roxanne Benjamin to Write ‘Night of the Comet’ Remake

It looks like another 80s cult classic film is set to make its return. Deadline is reporting that Orion Pictures has tasked Roxanne Benjamin to write the Night of the Comet remake.  Benjamin is known to genre fans for her work on XX, Southbound, and producing the V/H/S franchise.

It will be interesting to see which direction Benjamin will take the film as the original was a mashup of horror and comedy. The remake could potentially follow suit giving fans what they would expect, or it could deliver something much darker. read more