Bates Motel – Season 5, Episode 6: “Marion” Analysis and Review

Let’s jump right into the water here. Marion Crane checks into the Bates Motel on her own (as Marie Samuels, that is) with more than enough cash to take care of the debt her lover claims is keeping them from living happily ever after. Marion is understandably disoriented by the crime she just committed. And as if the next steps of her life weren’t dubious enough, she finds herself eating a late night ham sandwich in the Bates Motel office surrounded by stuffed birds. Despite the motel manager’s lascivious stares, Marion is polite and appreciative. She knows she that being in White Pine Bay is one step closer to a hopeful future with her boyfriend. But when Sam finally calls her, she hears a woman yelling in the background and then a dial tone. (Well, not really a dial tone but you get the effect.) Waiting for Sam to call back, Marion decides to take a shower…in Room #1…with Norman watching from the office peephole. Gulp. Just when I have no more nails to bite, the shower curtain is ripped open!…by Marion, who has decided Sam is not going to get away with his lying liar lies. She finds Norman in the office straightening the wall art and flirts her way to Sam’s address. Unfortunately, Norman lets her in on the little secret that Sam has been deceiving both Marion and his wife Madeleine. She doesn’t want to believe the truth but witnesses it for herself as she watches Sam and Madeleine fighting through the front window of their home. Marion introduces a crow bar to Sam’s car windows before speeding back to the motel. She feels foolish and defeated, having been neglected and taken advantage of her whole life. She finds comfort in Norman when he checks in upon her return from the Loomis house. Despite feeling frightened and forsaken, she heeds his advice to start a new life. She hugs Norman, leaves behind everything but the money, and burns rubber – tossing her phone out the window along the way. Adieu, Marion. Don’t forget to write. read more