OWS12 THE BURNING (Original 1981 Motion Picture Soundtrack) Coming 9/30

Rick Wakeman’s  soundtrack for the classic horror flick The Burning is coming to vinyl and cassette on September 30th. You can view the full press release below.

THE BURNING (Original 1981 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

One Way Static Records is excited to bring you their latest release: RICK WAKEMAN’S iconic motion picture soundtrack for the 1981 slasher-classic THE BURNING. Available on both vinyl & cassette.

The Burning is loosely based on the NY urban legend of Cropsey, a tale that became popular at summer camps in the 1960s and ’70s. In the film, a summer camp caretaker who was horribly disfigured from a prank gone wrong is released from the hospital with severe deformities and seeks revenge on those he holds responsible, starting with the kids at a nearby summer camp. read more