Danger Slater Talks “PUPPET SKIN”

The expansion of smaller publishers has given authors a voice and platform to cultivate tales from all walks life. Whether it sits in the realm of the unknown, rides the roads around the world or makes its way through history, talented authors harness their craft leaving a mark on readers of all generations and styles. FUNGASM PRESS is a mutating and transforming publisher which orbits the bizarre minds of horror, the strange and unique. Danger Slater is one of those minds of the bizarre creating stories that reflect the madness and macabre of love, loss and coming of age. His latest book offers another dark path for the YA crowd with PUPPET SKIN. This tale focusing on a young girl named Hannah who is facing the tie of her life the innocence of youth fades away to the wooden exterior of adulthood. We grabbed Danger Slater between working on his next connecting nightmare to talk PUPPET SKIN, dancing, body horror and the frightening time that is being an adult here on the HORROR NEWS NETWORK. read more