Taylor Hickson Sues Incident Productions Over ‘Ghostland’ Injury

In 2016, actress Taylor Hickson suffered a disfiguring facial injury during an accident while filming Ghostland in Winnipeg, Canada. Now, the performer, who had just turned 19 at the time of the incident, is suing the film’s production company, alleging that the accident was “reasonably foreseeable” and caused by negligence on the part of the movie’s producers.

Hickson alleges that Incident Productions is responsible for an incident which occurred on set while filming Ghostland two years ago. Deadline reports that Hickson’s head and upper body fell through a glass door during a scene which required her to repeatedly bang on a glass door (Warning: the Deadline link above features graphic photos of Hickson’s facial injury). The resulting wound required 70 stitches. Hickson alleges in her lawsuit that she had reservations about performing the scene, but she was repeatedly assured that it was safe for her to do so: read more