Good Deed Launches Genre Label Cranked Up Films

Just in from Variety, a new genre-focused label, to be called Cranked Up Films, will be launched by Good Deed Entertainment.

CUF is set to focus mainly on high-concept horror, science fiction and speculative fiction that has elements of the supernatural and futuristic settings.

GDE’s other release include Journey’s EndAmerican Folk and Permission.

The label’s first release to debut in late 2018 will be Don’t Leave Home, which is about an American artist who becomes obsessed with an urban legend. read more

Joe Dante to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at Fantasia International Film Festival

Joe Dante is a filmmaker that is near and dear to horror fans worldwide, especially those that grew up in the 1980’s. The programmers of the Fantasia International Film Festival also seem to agree (as published in the official press release), as they “…will be presenting a Lifetime Achievement Award to adored US genre legend Joe Dante, a man whose inspired filmography has touched generations of cinephiles. From Piranha, The Howling, and the universally-beloved Gremlins films to Innerspace, Explorers, and his bold television work, Dante’s works are electric with witty personality and brim with innovative storytelling and a big-hearted affection for all things film.” Recent recipients of Fantasia’s Lifetime Achievement Award include Guillermo del Toro, Takashi Miike, Ken Russell, Tobe Hooper, Jean Rollin, Andrzej Zulawski, Mamoru Oshii, John Landis, José Mojica Marins, Larry Cohen, and Ray Harryhausen. read more