Horror News Network’s Comic Awards 2016: Best Writer

Horror News Network is proud to announce that Cullen Bunn is the 2016 Horror Comic Award’s writer of the year.  

Although Bunn is most known to horror fans as the writer and co-creator of Dark Horse Comics’ supernatural hit Harrow County, he has been nothing but prolific in terms of his total output this year.   Along with other work in the horror genre such as Blood Feud, Night Trap, and Sixth Gun, he also worked “’round-the-clock” on major superhero titles such as Deadpool and the Uncanny X-men as well as retro titles like Voltron, Micronauts, and Battlestar Galactica.  His ability to juggle so many projects in so many different genres proves his versatility and ability to deliver engaging stories to a wide variety of fans on a monthly basis. read more

Marvel Comics Unearths their Giant Monsters for New Event Series

Before Stan Lee and Jack Kirby released Fantastic Four #1 in November of 1961, which ushered in the “Marvel Age of Comics”, Marvel was most famous for their plethora of giant monster titles which began in the mid-1950’s and continued into the early 1970’s.  Most of these city crushing creatures graced titles such as Strange Worlds, Strange Tales, Amazing Adventures, Tales of Suspense and Tales to Astonish.  Although these titles would soon feature house-hold names such as Captain America, Iron Man, and the Hulk,  they were once the domain of the sci-fi monsters of the 50’s. read more