Exorcism Horror ASMODEXIA on DVD 28 March

Sharp Teeth Films Presents:

The official UK trailer for exorcism horror ASMODEXIA arrives just in time for Easter   ON DVD 28 MARCH 2016

“… it will chill you to the bone …” Dread Central

“… wonderfully blasphemous …” UK Horror Scene

“A fresh twist on the exorcism genre.” Shock Til You Drop

The possessed become growling, body-convulsing monsters in director Marc Carreté’s striking debut feature. ASMODEXIA follows two travelling exorcists in a macabre tale of horrifying possession, religious extremism and paranoia that builds to a shocking finale.  Shot in 2013, the film uses abandoned locations, remnants of the troubled economy, as decaying backdrops for an eerie ‘end of days’ story. read more