Season 2 Trailer Revealed for ‘Wolf Creek’

Just hours ago, Pop TV released the Season 2 trailer of Wolf Creek. The series is set to premiere on Pop as a three consecutive night limited series which will include back-to-back one-hour episodes starting on October 21 and going through October 23.

John Jarratt returns to the role of Mick Taylor, the deranged serial killer whose hunting grounds are the Australian Outback. Also returning to the series as executive producer and director is Wolf Creek creator Greg McLean. With Jarratt and McLean reunited it safe to say that we can expect the same tension that we have come to expect from this franchise. read more

Wolf Creek 6-Part TV Series Premieres This Friday

Back in early 2005 a captivating horror film called Wolf Creek came out of Australia and shocked the crowds at Sundance and Cannes before hitting American soil on Christmas Day; eleven years later Pop TV is hoping that the films maniacal villain Mick Taylor can once again scare us out of our skin.

John Jarratt, who played Mick in Wolf Creek 1 & 2, returns to reprise his role for the 6-part series. About the show, Jarratt reported to DigtalSpy back in August that, “there’s wonderful intensity in the entire thing. There are wonderful cliffhangers and great little red herrings going right through till the climax in the sixth episode, which is very exciting and horrifying and bleak.” read more

WOLF CREEK Series Coming to Pop

Lionsgate Television and Screentime’s Wolf Creek, a six-episode series from Australia based on the horror film series, will air on Pop on October 14. John Jarratt will be returning in his role as Mick Taylor, the serial kill her portrayed in the films.

In this story, an American family who is vacationing in Australia become victims of Taylor. Eve Thorogood (Lucy Fry), who survives, is determined to bring him to justice. The series will follow her journey, as she evolves from prey to predator. read more