The Autograph History of Hollywood Legend Lon Chaney Sr.

For some horror collectors, owning a genuine piece of autographed memorabilia can be the ultimate prize. There’s nothing better than owning a precious item signed by a legendary member of Hollywood royalty. Some folks begin their journey of collecting autographs in person at local conventions. Others collect in person at press events or celebrity hotspots. And then there is another style of autograph collecting… a method that involves tremendous research and a historical perspective. At some point in a collector’s life, owning signatures of the Freddys and Jasons of the world isn’t enough. Now it’s time to go back to the beginning. It’s time to add the greatest monsters of all time: the original Universal Monsters! read more

Horror Hunting! Edition S3E1

Happy January, and welcome to the first edition of Horror Hunting! in 2016!  This week we will travel back to the Prohibition Era for some early, eerie goodness.  And fast forwarding a bit to present day, the ever-so-popular line of Reaction figures, designed to appeal to the retro crowd, continue to rule the action figure world.  Fans and imitators alike have become both collectors and imitators, some much better than the rest.  We’ll introduce you to some custom horror figs that are sure to force you to open your wallet happily…. read more