‘The Endless’: The Horror News Network Review

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s The Endless is headed to theaters on April 6th after making a splash at the Tribeca Film Festival last year. Acting as jacks of all trades for the picture, Benson wrote, co-directed, co-produced, co-edited, and acted in a lead role in the film, while Moorhead co-directed, served as the director of photography, co-produced, and acted in the other lead role opposite Benson. While such a feat is usually reserved for the passion projects longtime industry leaders full of hubris and name recognition, Benson and Moorhead’s project comes from the other end of the career trajectory spectrum: the path of two talented young filmmakers breaking onto the scene with unique ideas and the ability to attain their vision through a collective mindset and efficient production decisions. The result of their labors is a large-scale story told with a level of heart and intimacy rarely seen in contemporary horror filmmaking. Focusing on two brothers who return to the UFO death cult of their childhood- which may be under the influence of an invisible monstrous godlike beast that requires cyclical human sacrifice- The Endless is a slow-burning, original movie which builds dread through classical storytelling mechanisms over cheap modern horror gags. read more