The Museum of Wonders Review

By: Sean McLaughlin   

    As a general rule, I despise remakes.  To me, it just shows Hollywood’s overall lack of originality and utter contempt for its audiences, and breeds nothing but laziness.  Sure, there have been a few exceptions (such as last year’s Evil Dead movie), but the many ruin it for the few.  Remaking movies that are already done well is unnecessary, and a slap in the face of the original director’s entire career.  However, I’ve also held the belief that there are a handful of movies that are considered “good”, but if done right could’ve been great (Westworld, comes to mind).  The Museum of Wonders, an Italian art film from director Domiziano Cristopharo, attempts to remake (or rather, re-imagine) 1932’s Tod Browning cult-classic Freaks.  It is a faithful remake right down to the cast of characters, modernizing the post-silent era film with dashes of art-house pizzazz and tattoo shop swagger. read more