‘Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen’ Writer Helen Mullane: The Horror News Network Interview

Helen Mullane’s debut graphic novel Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen carefully walks the line between realism and folk horror in a way that only the best horror stories do.  Mullane’s unique take on the folklore and mythology of Great Britain, told through the eyes of a disaffected teen, slowly works its way towards an explosive ending with many terrifying sign posts along the way.

The fact that this original tale from the legendary Humanoids imprint (the French comic company founded by Moebius in the 1970’s, best known for publishing the precursor to Heavy Metal Magazine, Metal Hurlant) landed just in time for their own revitalization is perfect timing for a new vision and direction for the company, including a place for horror next to their renowned Sci-Fi stories. read more

Exclusive Preview of Paul Jenkins and Frédéric Pham Chuong’s Original Graphic Novel ‘Scare City’

While Halloween will always hold a special place in the hearts of every horror fan, the holiday is even more near and dear to children around the world.  Capitalizing on the all ages fun of the holiday, writer Paul Jenkins and artist Frédéric Pham Chuong have timed their new original graphic novel Scare City well, hoping to appeal to the children waiting to run outside for sugary treats, as well as nostalgic parents who love the fun and frights associated with Halloween.

According to the official press release, Scare City begins when “Tensions rise in a Monster Metropolis when spooky things start to happen to its citizens! Will they solve the mystery before ancient rifts tear the community apart?  Deep beneath the human world lies Scare City, the hub where all the ghouls, ghosts and goblins dwell in perfect harmony. It took the monsters centuries to overcome their differences and live together in peace.” read more