IDW’s ‘Haunted Mansion’ Graphic Novel Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland’s Favorite Attraction

This September, IDW will help celebrate the 50th anniversary of an attraction that is near and dear to every horror fan’s heart: Disneyland’s home for “999 happy haunts”, the Haunted Mansion!

IDW will publish a brand new 72 page graphic novel by writer Sina Grace (Iceman) and artist Egle Bartolini (Disney Princess Comics) this September, which will feature some of  the world famous characters from Disney’s dark ride, including the ghost host, Madame Leota, the singing busts, the hitchhiking ghosts, and more. read more

Model and Ghost Host LeeAnna Vamp: The Horror News Network Interview

LeeAnna Vamp (SyFy’s Cosplay Melee) describes herself in her new series Ghosted with LeeAnna Vamp as “an actress, cosplayer, and model” and after interviewing her, it is also clear that she is a huge fan of horror, science fiction, and comics.  In this exclusive interview from New York Comic Con 2017, Vamp spoke to Horror News Network about her origins as a cosplayer, her favorite horror films and costumes, her love for Disney, and her new adventures as a travel host/paranormal investigator. read more

Rest in Peace: Legendary Disney Parks Haunted Mansion Imagineer Xavier “X” Atencio Dead at 98

Fans of Disney Parks such as Disneyland and Walt Disney World know that Walt surrounded himself with very talented individuals to help make his dreams a reality. Today, we call those individuals Imagineers… they are responsible for everything from dreaming up a creative new concept to applying the modern science necessary to make it a reality. In the early days of Disneyland, the department was known as WED Enterprises, and all of its employees became Disney legends for their contributions to the park and to the industry in general. Xavier “X” Atencio is one of those legends. For fans of the park, his name is synonymous with two of the parks’ most popular and enduring rides: Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. Horror News Network has received word that Mr. Atencio passed away on Sunday. He was 98 years old. read more

Haunted Mansion Restaurant Coming to Walt Disney World?

I’m not usually big on rumors (or reporting on them) but when the rumors concern the jumping-off point for my initial love of horror as a young boy, Disney’s The Haunted Mansion attraction, I make an exception.

The Orlando Weekly reported this week that a reliable source (blogger WDW1974) insists that “…a new Haunted Mansion eating venue/experience is coming to the MK, despite the mixed reviews of the Skipper Canteen.”

The Haunted Mansion’s huge fan base certainly has something to do with this idea, as well as the theme park’s recent expansion of dining options. Along with The Beauty and The Beast inspired “Be Our Guest” restaurant (currently the toughest reservation to secure in any Disney theme park) and the Jungle Cruise-based Skipper Canteen, a Haunted Mansion-themed restaurant would continue the trend of expanding on popular Disney properties without adding to or rebooting the rides themselves. read more

Horror Bargain Hunter: Funko Made an Exorcist Pop?!?

Greeting fellow bargain seekers!!  Today we have a variety of items for all tastes and interests from the world of horror and Halloween!

-Funko Pop Vinyl figures and bobble heads are all the rage these days.  Attend any comic convention and you’ll see more Pops for sale than guys in Deadpool costumes.  Funko produces such a wide variety of these figures that sometimes you’ll be surprised at how deep the catalog goes.  How deep you may ask?  How about as  deep as a Possessed Regan from the Exorcist vinyl figure.  This is one of the many you can find on sale from Gamestop for $5 each.  Even better, if you spend over $25, you can score free shipping with the code “Saver”  Other Pops of interest to horror fans: read more