Devilworks Drops Poster & Trailer for EZ01 MADNESS


The folks over at Devilworks have acquired Worldwide Distribution for War Sci Fi ‘EZO1 MADNESS’, which has over 500 Special FX by the renowned SFX company Slaughterhouse in Germany.

The raging action title, directed by Sven Knuppel, is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where the last of human kind are hunted by giant monsters, zombies, genetically enhanced soldiers and ancient machines of war.

EZO-1 combines breathless action, an interesting take on eastern and western philosophy and classic horror elements into the first independent sci-fi movie coming from Germany in more than two decades. read more

Devilworks drops Official Trailer & Poster for ‘Valley Of The Sasquatch’

Devilworks drops Official Trailer & Poster for ‘Valley Of The Sasquatch’ 

The Genre specialists have boarded The October People’s bigfoot horror ‘Valley Of The Sasquatch’ directed by John Portanova for International distribution. 

Reviewed by Fangoria as ”Intense, Scary & Beautiful”, The film won Best Horror Feature at the Toronto Independent and Idaho Horror Film Festivals and Best Cinematography at the Horrible Imaginings and Crimson Screen Film Festivals after screening at Festivals such as Seattle Int’l, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic, Nevermore, Another Hole in the Head, Spooky Movie Horror and Macabre Film Faire – to name a few.  read more