Preview Clips from the KRAMPUS Blu-ray & DVD, Out April 26th!

Prior to its Blu-ray and DVD release tomorrow, we have been sent a few clips from Krampus   that you can check out now! The clips feature samples of the interviews and behind the scenes featurettes which you will receive in full if you purchase the film. More can be found on Universal’s official Youtube account.

‘Krampus’ Blu-ray – Review

With Krampus coming to Blu-ray next week, we thought it was a good time to re-post our review of the film and review the Blu-ray.

‘Krampus’ Blu-ray – Review

By Lynn Sorel

Blu-ray Rating: 10 out of 10

The Blu-ray release of Krampus includes the DVD and a Digital HD copy of the film, along with some great bonus features, many of which you can’t get on the DVD release of the film, including a special “Krampus Comes Alive!” featurette, which is an insider look at how the creatures of the film were created.  read more