Horror Hunting! Edition #13

Welcome to the latest edition of Horror Hunting!  October means two BIG things to horror fiends…..Halloween and (since 2010) zombies.  In case you haven’t heard (i.e. you don’t own a television, smart phone, computer with internet access or eyes/ears), the horror TV/comic juggernaut The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday 10/14 for the beginning of its glorious fifth season of undead happenings and hijinks.  As a big fan, I am (predictably) adding a steaming pile of zombie spice to this installment of HH! with two tasty items that even the most hardcore Romero vs. Kirkman know-it-all would be psyched to own.  Whether you call them walkers, biters, lurkers, ghouls, stinkers or “things”, the undead occupy a large swath of real estate in the horror realm.  Check out these cool items while you can, because just like life (and un-death), time is indeed limited.  And of course, brace yourself…..the collectables these collectables kill get up and kill! read more

Horror Hunting! Edition #12

    Welcome to another thrilling installment of Horror Hunting!  This week we’ll take a look at some classic candy featuring a classic horror icon and a recognizable zombie from the genre’s unparalleled master.  As we wind closer and closer to the witching season, horror toy items like those that I pack into each HH! column become increasingly in demand.  And of course, the atmosphere is always competitive for the latest (and retro-est) collectibles and artifacts on the auction sites because hey…..that’s how it works!  So without further adieu, away we go…. read more

Horror Hunting! Edition #9

         Welcome to another installment of Horror Hunting!, as August officially kicks into gear.  The waning summer weeks also give us some of the best horror conventions of the year (CT Horrorfest, August 23rd, Waterbury, CT!!!), which makes this one of the more exciting times to be a horror fan all around.  In this edition of HH!, we’ll be taking a look at the ultimate horror gag gift for that horror fanatic friend of yours, sure to please their hardcore sensibility.  And of course, collectors of all things ghoulishly vintage will get a kick out of our old-school pick of the week.  Without further adieu….. read more

Horror Hunting! Edition #8

Welcome to the latest edition of Horror Hunting!, taking a fantastic flight through the world of horror collectables (and being careful to not fly over Ukrainian airspace).  For this edition we whirl back to the fabulous ’80s for cards you may have overlooked at the time.  After that we’ll travel back to the present, and check out a cable series garnering a lot of well-deserved buzz as it gets the limited print treatment.  Without further adieu…..

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead read more

Horror Hunting! For the Week of July 14th

    Welcome to this week’s edition of Horror Hunting!  As the Midwest prepares for the July version of the dreaded “polar vortex”, I was able to dig up some cool items for even the coolest horror collector.  Fans of old-school monsters and ’80s cult classics rejoice!  There’s something here for every horror fiend.  Let’s get started……

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut (Bluray / DVD Combo) – Amazon read more

Horror Hunting! For the Week of July 7th

     Welcome to this week’s edition of Horror Hunting!, as we zoom through the middle of July.  Hey….not sure if you’ve heard yet but the folks over at AMC are in the middle of shooting the fifth season of a little series called “The Walking Dead”, or something like that.  Hopefully it’ll be as neato as Breaking Bad!  All sarcasm aside, if you haven’t seen the new teaser clip from the upcoming season of TWD then you’re the only one.  In honor of all of this undead anticipation, I’ve uncovered a couple of ghoulish goodies from the TWD universe that’ll hold you over until October.  These are both pre-orders, so be sure to pounce on the opportunity to reserve one if you like what you see! read more

Horror Hunting! For the Week of July 1st

    Welcome to another fine week of Horror Hunting!  Independence Day is just a few short days away, so “let’s kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy.”  This week we’ll check out a couple of cool current auctions that both comic and doll (sorry….ACTION FIGURE ha ha) collectors are sure to dig.  Without further adieu, away we go…….

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

DC Horror Comics Collection (5 Discs)

Over at online auction site iOffer, you have the opportunity to own five (5) discs worth of classic DC Horror Comics, everything from the 1970s “Tales of Ghost Castle” to 2012’s “Ghosts”.  Apparently, ghosts are a pretty prevalent horror theme with the folks over at Detective Comics.  These retro comics have a serious grindhouse feel, and this is a good collection for any comic collector who doesn’t mind not having the actual hardcopy magazine.  This listing will set you back $25.50, but that includes free shipping.  Check it out: read more

Horror Hunting! For the Week of June 23rd

    Welcome back to Horror Hunting!, for this final full week of June.  In this edition we’re featuring a special limited-
edition throwback shirt set from a ’90s era HBO classic series, as well as a little something for you horror/wrestling fanatics from
the Spawn master.   Can’t go wrong with that killer line-up!

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

Tales From The Crypt shirt set (Limited Edition) – Fright-Rags

As were most blood-thirsty fiends, I was a huge fan of the HBO original horror series “Tales From The Crypt.”  The Cryptkeeper, the
spooky storylines, dark humor….it all added up to a brilliant show that kept us satisfied week-by-week.  I always felt that TFTC
was what we WISHED a modern-day Twilight Zone would be, and what Tales From The Darkside mostly achieved (with a good amount of
speed bumps along the way).  While the series became a bit too goofy for my liking near the end of its run, the mark it left on the
horror TV genre (now being embodied by hit series like The Walking Dead, True Blood and Bates Motel) is undeniable.  Thankfully, the
folks over at Fright-Rags are fans as well, and beginning on Friday morning, June 27th, will be offering a special limited edition
set of t-shirts honoring the Tales From The Crypt lineage.  A cost of $115 will net you three limited edition shirts, two special
glow-in-the-dark logo tees, a sticker pack, poster and collector’s box.  This cool set is (again) limited to only 200, so getting
there Friday morning for the presale is essential.  Check it out! read more

Horror Hunting!

     Welcome to Horror Hunting!, a new column that promises to bring the coolest, and sometimes rarest, horror collectables on the internet to HNN fans everywhere….every week!  You’ll see cool items that we think are worth checking out, and of course bidding on!  We’ll feature two auctions, one at the low end of the price scale and another for the folks willing to sell a kidney for old figures, statues, and anything else that fills that horror void in your haunted collections. 

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead read more