Horror News Network’s Best Horror Movies of 2019: John’s Top 3 Picks

Welcome to Horror News Network’s Best Horror Movies of 2019, a series where our staff writers declare their top three picks of the year and use the data to compile an ultimate top ten list of 2019. Be on the lookout for a new “Top 3” list from an HNN writer every day in early January, and and stay tuned for our ultimate list at the end of the series!

John’s Top 3 Picks of 2019

#1: The Lighthouse

Not only do I find The Lighthouse to be the best horror movie of the year, I place it just behind Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood as the second best movie of 2019. Featuring powerhouse performances by Willem Dafoe (who deserves a Best Actor nomination for this performance) and Robert Pattinson and expertly directed by Robert Eggers, The Lighthouse is classic cinema at its best. Yes, an actual sequel to The Shining came out this year… but The Lighthouse is the true spiritual successor to Kubrick’s cabin fever masterpiece to debut in 2019. Repeat viewings of this film open up its brilliant sound design and allow the viewer to catch every visual detail, absorb every nuance, and chortle at every absurdity. It simply doesn’t get better than this! read more