Bates Motel – Season 5, Episode 10: The Cord Review and Analysis

We were promised a true end to this story. And we were rightfully reminded to bring our tissues. What an agonizing list of farewells…

Farewell #1: Alex Romero – Romero finally finds his way to Norma’s makeshift grave after letting his hostage go and heavily coercing “Norman” for directions. His vengeance hits the pause button when he sees her discolored (yet still beautiful) face. Watching the reunion from behind, “Norman” offers his sympathy, which unpauses the anger and summons a vicious beating. Romero returns to the grave, professing his love to Norma and promising her a better burial. In his broken and weepy state, he is an easy target for Norman who bashes him in the skull with a rock. Norman wins the ensuing struggle, gets ahold of Romero’s gun and does not hesitate to shoot twice. While he has not formally avenged his wife’s death, he manages to inflict a fatal wound with his dying words. “You killed your own mother,” he says. “You can’t hide from it.” And with this declaration, Norman is released from the psychological cocoon. read more