Lionsgate in Final Negotiations to Acquire ‘The French Quarter Will Not Be Spared’

It looks as if New Orleans has a severe vampire infestation problem. Deadline is reporting that Lionsgate is close to procuring The French Quarter Will Not Be Spared, a vampire script written by Anthony Jaswinski. Early reports indicate that the film is set to take place during hurricane Katrina, a perfect time for vampires to show their fangs.

Jaswinski is the writer behind A Midsummer’s Nightmare, Satanic, The Shallows, and Vanishing on 7th Street. The screenwriter’s biggest hit so far has been The Shallows which starred Blake Lively was released in June of 2016. The film has generally positive reviews and was able to scrape in $119.1 million at the box office on a budget of $25 million. read more

Gary Oldman Signs on for Supernatural Nautical Thriller ‘Mary’

You’re always guaranteed an incredible performance by Gary Oldman in pretty much anything he works on. Horror fans love his portrayal of Prince Vlad in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and of Mason Verger in Hannibal, and he has added some unforgettable touches to a variety of dramas and mainstream action flicks over the years. His versatility makes every new project exciting, and this time he’s turning his attention toward the ocean for an upcoming supernatural thriller!

THR reports that Oldman will star in Mary, a movie about a desperate family isolated on a ship sailing the sea. The following is their synopsis of the story: read more