Fathom Events to Host Another Screening of Rob Zombie’s 31

Lightning strikes twice! According to their advertisement materials, the first Fathom Events screening of Rob Zombie’s 31 on September 1st was such a hit that they’re bringing it back for another showing on October 20th. Box office results for the first Fathom Events screening have not been made available. The event appears to include the same music video and behind-the-scenes bonuses that were offered during the first release. The event is being listed as an opportunity to see the film before its theatrical release. According to press releases from several days ago, the theatrical release is now scheduled for one day later, October 21st. This is also the date that the film is slated to be available on Blu-ray and DVD.  The film is also currently available for rental on a variety of Video on Demand outlets. read more

Rob Zombie’s 31 Review: Trick or Treat?

In the Q and A following the Fathom Events screening of Rob Zombie’s latest horror film 31, he revealed that the genesis of the story sprang from his frustration in trying to get his hockey film Broadstreet Bullies off the ground.  He recalled a phone conversation where he told the person on the other end of the receiver that he could “make up a movie in five seconds” that would be easier to make than the one he was currently working on.   It would be the “dumbest thing” and “easy to sell”.  Unfortunately, Zombie’s analysis couldn’t be more true; 31 is a half-baked, rushed production that is both cheap and “dumb”. read more