Stephen King Tweets About A Novel He Never Wrote, ‘I JASON’

Talk about a match made in Hell. Stephen King took to Twitter last night and shocked horror fans around the globe when he made mention of an idea he had for a Friday the 13th novel written from the perspective of Jason Voorhees.

While King also mentioned he probably will never write it, one has to wonder what would happen it the most prolific horror writer of all time were to orchestrate a tale in Crystal Lake featuring the king of all slashers.

Nevertheless King continues to remain busy. On September 10, 2019 Scribner published King’s latest book The Institute. The book centers on Luke Ellis, a child whose parents are murdered by intruders and taken from his home. Luke eventually wakes up at a place called The Institute. His room looks identical minus the window and he soon realizes that there are other kids with special talents like telekinesis and telepathy being held as well.

On the same date the book was published television rights were secured by David E. Kelley and Jack Bender (producers of Mr. Mercedes) for a limited series.

Stay tuned to Horror News Network for any further updates (We Hope!) on Stephen King writing Jason Voorhees!

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Rob Caprilozzi
Rob Caprilozzi
Rob Caprilozzi created Comic Monsters in 2004 and eventually expanded the site in 2009 to Horror News Network. Born out his love for all aspects of horror, Rob still remains hardcore comic fan. You can keep up with him on Twitter @RobCaprilozzi.

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