Spooky October

Coming to Naugatuck this Fall is Spooky October!  From the same people who brought you CT HorrorFest, the Horror News Network crew believes in celebrating Halloween all month long. Every weekend in October there will be one or more spine-chilling events to celebrate our favorite season.

The calendar of events will include panel discussions on UFO sightings in CT, the legacy of the Connecticut Witch Trials and Paranormal Connecticut.  Also, a Halloween Art show, Scary Campfire Stories and pumpkin painting for kids, as well as the world premiere of the documentary Halloween in a Box are scheduled.

Be sure to check out the site for the full lineup of events as the we make the Naugatuck Event Center your Halloween hub this October.

Saturday, October 26th at 7PM

EVENT NAME: Paranormal CT

DESCRIPTION: Join exorcist Reverand Larry Elward and his wife Debbie, who has the ability to discern spirit activity, Jason McLeod and Chris Thomas and Alfred Santiago of Paranormal Genesis.

DEBBIE ELWARD has been a paranormal investigator since 1990, first starting out with the Warrens and for the past 17 years working with John Zaffis.

Born with the ability to Discern Spirits, she is able to use her gift to evaluate, or “discern” spirit activity, whether divine, human or preternatural, often being able to obtain the names and numbers of spirit entities. She is also excellent at taking “psychic” photography and capturing images on film. She is currently doing tarot card readings as yet, another way to help people. Along with her husband, Larry together they bring many years of experience to the paranormal field.

REVERAND LARRY ELWARD also started out as a paranormal investigator, since 1986, first working with the Warrens and currently John Zaffis.

Larry studied demonology for many years and this interest lead him into the seminary. He graduated from Holy Apostles Seminary in 1988 with a Masters Degree in theology. He has performed or assisted at hundreds of exorcism/deliverance for people of all faiths. Larry was ordained an Independent priest with the Home Temple on June 5, 2004. Through this he hopes to reach out to more people in need of his ministry. Along with his wife, Debbie, they have been featured on many TV programs helping people in need.

JASON MCLEOD is a paranormal investigator, spiritualist, and empath. He has spent the last 28 years helping individual families deal with both the human spirits who linger in their lives, and the inhuman spirits who seek to ruin them. His training and experience began by following in the footsteps of his close personal friends and mentors – the late Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine, bestselling authors, and movie consultants — who started the modern ghost hunting craze that thrives today.

CHRIS THOMAS is a part of Paranormal Genesis, a group searching for answers if there is indeed life beyond death. In the past years they have devoted their free time to investigating the Paranormal.

LOCATION: Naugatuck Event Center 6 Rubber Ave, Naugatuck, CT 06770

BUY TICKETS: $10 cash at the door.

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