SpikeTV’s “The Mist” Episode 1 – Review

Last week we discussed SpikeTV’s upcoming take on Stephen King’s short story The Mist and one of the concerns that I had was how they planned to turn a story that only occupies 134 pages into a seasons worth of hour-long television shows. Well, my knowledge-thirsty friends, I have the answer!

The answer is this: it appears that show creator Christian Torpe has gone ahead and dreamed up a whole new vision for Stephen King’s work; one with brand new characters, brand new stories and one that takes place on a much grander scale (more on that in a bit). Gone are David Drayton and his son Billy…no sign of out-of-town neighbor and resident skeptic Brent Norton either. They have been replaced with Eve Copeland, her husband Kevin and daughter Alex. Also gone is the supermarket and instead we’re trapped in a mall. That’s not to say, however, that there are not others trapped elsewhere; keep in mind that this story is meant to be bigger than the source material.

You’ll remember that in the story (as well as in the 2007 film), all of the characters that we knew were in the supermarket. We’re introduced to David and his son and wife (briefly) and then it’s off to the market with neighbor Brent in tow and the mist rolls in pretty quickly. Well, in this pilot episode, a good deal of time is spent building up several characters all over town which leads me to believe that we will be seeing stories in different locations of different folks dealing with that funky mist. But if you’re aching for something familiar, don’t fret…we have an Arrowhead Project soldier for you.

If the pilot episode is any indication, I think SpikeTV may have a pretty rad show on their hands. The characters are interesting (like, who is this Zoe chick?) and the opening plot-lines are super-intriguing. That said, you can bet your sweet patootie that I’ll be tuned in for episode two. And if you’re looking for the bloody stuff, they delivered a bit in this first episode and for those familiar with the story, I’m sure that we can expect a lot more.

Be sure to tune in to SpikeTV on Thursday, June 22nd at 10pm EST for the premiere.


Stay gory my friends.

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