Slender: The Arrival Now Available on Steam

Midnight City, the recently founded indie label of Majesco Entertainment Company, an innovative provider of games for the mass market, is proud to announce Blue Island Studios’ Slender: The Arrival at a discounted introductory price of $7.99 through November 4. This upgraded experience now features extended content, a new creature to contend with and full optimization for Steam players.


Since 2009, Slender Man’s internet debut, the mythos and canon around the persona has grown exponentially, spiraling off into fan fiction (creepypasta), video series and countless still images. Now, the ultimate immersive experience is available through the only official Slender Man game, with new content to discover and a new servant of Slender Man – Charlie – a young boy, now a lost soul, who exists solely for the sadistic pleasure of The Operator. As players explore, they can find new clues and information about Charlie’s past and how he came to be under the control of this ominous force. In addition, Blue Isle Studios has revamped the ending to provide a more robust experience for players who will have access to a suite of new Steam features. Online leaderboards, stat tracking, achievements, cloud saves, trading cards and full controller support for gamepads are all built into the game.


In Slender:The Arrival, players step into the shoes of Laura, an unwitting pawn in Slender Man’s game of life and death. Upon discovering her friend Kate’s home ransacked, Laura uncovers clues and items while in search of her long-time friend. Plunging deeper into the sadistic world of Slender Man, Laura experiences voices, cryptic messages, deadly apparitions and horrific insights regarding the maleficent forces in tow. Adding to the immersive feel and spine-chilling atmosphere, Slender: The Arrival supports Oculus Rift for the most intense, hair-raising experience to date.


Slender: The Arrival is a cooperative project between Parsec Productions (the team behind the Marble Hornets web series), Slender Man creator Eric “Victor Surge” Knudsen and the Blue Isle Studios team.


Slender: The Arrival is rated T and is available now on Steam for PC via digital download for $9.99; as a special introductory offer the game will be discounted to $7.99 through November 4.


Slender: The Arrival is also planned for console release in Q1 2014.

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