‘Sinister 2’ – Review

‘Sinister 2’ – Review

By Lynn Sorel

Rating: 7 out of 10

Synopsis: A young mother and her twin sons move into a rural house that’s marked for death. 

Our Thoughts: ‘Sinister 2’ picks up after the first film, with Courtney Collins and her two kids who have taken up residence in an abandoned house. She is on the run from her abusive husband who is trying to take her kids away from her.  Soon after moving in, her son Dylan starts seeing ghost children.

Ex-Deputy So & So from the first film is now a private investigator, following up on murders connected with Bughuul and burning down all the houses connected in an effort to stop him. When he is about to burn down one of the houses, he finds the Collins family squatting there. Courtney allows him to investigate the property as he pleases in exchange for his silence on her staying there. 

The ghosts continue to contact Dylan and try to bring him into their group, showing him the super 8 films of the violent murders of their own families. Meanwhile, the Ex-Deputy gets closer to the secret of Bughuul.

The format of this film is different than the first. This story shows us more point of views, rather than sticking with one character for the majority of it. We go back and forth between the child who Bughuul has his eyes set on (in this case Dylan) and  Ex-Deputy So & So. Unlike the first, the ghost children speak with their intended convert through out the film.

The sequel retains a similar spooky tone, as the first film had. However, because the viewer is now clued into how Bughuul operates, some of the suspense is taking out of it, as is often the case with sequels. With the inclusion of the child POV, there is a different kind of tension. Rather than hoping that the family will escape Bughuul, we are hoping that the child can resist him. The story of Bughuul continues and is expanded upon, as we follow a different chain of horrifying Bughuul murders. For those like myself, who enjoyed that most about the first film, you will enjoy it in this one as well. For me, chance to see more of the demon Bughuul is a reason alone to watch. It’s like a classic horror series in that respect, you are going to want to watch to see more of the villain. Even if the sequels are hit and miss, there are still some awesome aspects to them.

James Ransone is great returning to his role as the ambitious Ex-Deputy. Shannyn Sossamon is excellent in any role she is cast in and this is no exception. The end was not quite as satisfying as the original film, and it is definitely not as good of a story overall, but it is still an enjoyable sequel and it leaves the door open for more sequels that have the potential to be better than this one. The first  ‘Sinister’ is a hard film to live up to, and you should bare that in mind while watching this film.  Fans of the first film should check the sequel, but chances are you won’t like it quite as much. 



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