SDCC: What Ash’s Sister Could Mean to the Future of Ash vs Evil Dead

Horror News Network and got a chance to chat with Executive Producer of Ash vs Evil Dead, Rob Tapert. As many of you know, the internet has recently been abuzz with discussion of bringing back Ash’s sister Cheryl for the new season (as confirmed by IGN). When asked today about this, Tapert commented “that’s an interesting thing….we still have not adequately for the fans said are we making a continuing story of Evil Dead 1or Evil Dead 2” and that “Cheryl is from Evil Dead 1 but forgotten in Evil Dead 2 and really not referenced” and Tapert noted that with the addition of Cheryl that they have committed now to the story direction from Evil Dead 1 which included both Cheryl and Scotty.

So, Evil Dead 1 maniacs, how do you think this will affect the future storyline?

Stay tuned! We will continue to post info from our SDCC interviews!

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