Sarah Paulson Discusses Her American Horror Story Characters at PaleyFest

Sarah Paulson sure has played a lot of characters on American Horror Story… sometimes during the same season! She appeared at the American Horror Story panel yesterday evening at PaleyFest 2017 in Los Angeles. Variety reports that she had some interesting things to say about her characters, including which one she’d like to revisit in a future season.  Here are some highlights from the discussion:

Paulson was just as “in the dark” as the rest of us before the mysterious American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare started shooting:

“Usually Ryan Murphy comes out and gives a little niblet, but this was completely blackout.”

Fortunately for impatient fans and performers who want to research and prepare for their roles, Murphy is a little less secretive about next season. We already know that it will somehow explore the recent U.S. election, and that it will do so more metaphorically than literally. 

Paulson would like to revisit Cordelia Foxx, her character from American Horror Story: Coven in a future season:

“Probably Cordelia. We only got to see her just getting her powers. I just would like to know if the power might have been something that kind of changed her. Maybe we’ll get to see that.”

“Maybe,” indeed… especially considering the fact that Paulson returned as Lana Winters from Asylum for a surprise appearance in RoanokeIn early February Ryan Murphy expressed an interest in bringing back even more characters for crossovers on future seasons, so anything is possible! 

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