Russo Brothers, Henry Selick to Adapt ‘Little Nightmares’ Video Game into Television Series

Little Nightmares, the horror puzzle-platformer from Tarsier Studios (LittleBigPlanet 3) is about to appear on the small screen in another format! THR reports that Anthony and Joe Russo (You, Me and DupreeCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, and numerous upcoming generic Marvel movies) will executive produce a television series of Little Nightmares along with Dmitri M. Johnson and Stephan Bugaj of DJ2 Entertainment (who are also adapting the Life is Strange and Sonic the Hedgehog franchises for television). Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas) will direct the pilot episode, and possibly further episodes in the series.

Little Nightmares is a creepy-looking title which explores our deepest childhood fears. The visual style of the property alone makes it a perfect project for Henry Selick to join. The art direction is naturally suited for the legendary work he did when directing The Nightmare Before Christmas.

When the game was originally announced, critics strongly praised its visual style and storytelling, but there were some minor complaints about the gameplay itself. An adaptation of the franchise into the television format will have the benefit of maintaining what people liked about the game while removing any frustrating elements of the gameplay which held the original franchise back.

Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more details on the Little Nightmares television series as it breaks!

John Evans
Staff Writer at Horror News Network
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