Rotten Tomatoes Mistakenly Declared John Carpenter Dead on His Birthday

Some people thought Rotten Tomatoes’ critic and fan aggregate scores for The Last Jedi were wildly inaccurate… but at least they didn’t accidentally declare anyone dead in the process! The legendary director John Carpenter turned 70 yesterday, and he received a birthday greeting he’ll likely never forget. To celebrate his birthday, Rotten Tomatoes cooked up an article featuring his five favorite films. The only problem is, when they linked to the story on Twitter, they said he “would have been 70 years old today!” Some birthday gift, huh? Here’s what the since-deleted tweet looked like:

Ironically, the horror film Happy Death Day was also released on blu-ray yesterday, in which a Carpenter-esque final girl played by Jessica Rothe must solve the mystery of her birthday party murderer in order to survive the day. I wonder if Mr. Carpenter felt the same level of dread when he had to take to Twitter to tell Rotten Tomatoes he was still alive! Of course, he handled the situation with the level of wit and sarcasm he’s always known for:

Fortunately, The website had already removed their morbid tweet and replaced it with a apology message with birthday wishes. They also selected a very different photo from their initial choice to accompany the story:

All’s well that ends well! Here’s hoping that, despite the mix-up, Carpenter’s 70th birthday was a blast otherwise! Happy birthday, Mr. Carpenter!




John Evans
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