Roger Corman And Wife Sued By Sons Over Sale Of Film Library

According to Deadline, Roger Corman and his wife Julie Corman are currently being sued by their sons over the recent sale of a vast majority of Corman’s film catalog to Shout! Factory and HK Company Limited.

The suit filed by Roger and Brian Corman contends that  “…the sale of 270 films under their father’s New Horizons Picture Corp banner – which they refer to as “stolen film properties” – violated an irrevocable trust agreement that would have provided them and their two sisters with $30 million-$40 million each. They are also suing Ace Film and Shout! Factory, claiming they “knew or should have known that the purported sale of the New Horizons catalog included film properties owned by the trust.”

The origins of the suit “…began, the sons allege, 11 years ago as their father was approaching his 80th birthday, when he announced that later that year “there would be substantial distributions” to his children “in the collective amount of approximately $120 million to $160 million, with each beneficiary’s share to be between approximately $30 million to $40 million.”

The suit also casts Julie Corman in a less than positive light, alleging that she “disapproved of this plan,” and “became abusive towards her husband and other family members, and commenced to undermine the beneficial interests held by the children notwithstanding the irrevocability of the trusts and “insisted to the children that assets in the trusts belong to her, that she is tired for working for free, and that the distributions vowed by Roger would not happen. Julie also insisted that none of the Corman children could meet privately with their father, even for lunch or dinner.”

What this means for the sale and availability of the Corman titles acquired by Shout! Factory and HK Company Limited is still undetermined, but it does not appear that these titles will be unavailable until the lawsuit is settled.

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