Quentin Tarantino Begins Work on Movie about Manson Family Murders

Quentin Tarantino has begun work on his next project! According to THR, he is putting the finishing touches on a script for a movie about the real-life Manson Family Murders. The script focuses on Sharon Tate, the actress and wife of director Roman Polanski who was murdered by the infamous cult in 1969.

As usual, Bob and Harvey Weinstein are involved in the project (likely in producer or executive producer roles), and the group plans on seeking a major studio to co-produce and co-distribute the film (à la the production method used for Inglourious Basterds). THR’s sources state that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence have already been approached to star in the film. The plan as of now is to begin shooting in the summer of 2018.

While many examples of Tarantino’s work have tackled grisly historical events, up to this point they’ve all been works of fiction. Inglourious Basterds went so far as to alter the outcome of World War II to serve a more satisfying conclusion to the narrative which supported the themes of the film. Like Basterds, the unfortunate relationship between Hollywood and this concept would provide Tarantino with the opportunity to once again explore motifs related to film, media, and propaganda. If Jennifer Lawrence actually ends up playing Sharon Tate, and the script largely focuses on Tate’s perspective, is it possible that this project will also stray from the confines of the tragic history of the events? Only time will tell.

According to THR, Tarantino and company hope to begin seeking a studio partnership after Labor Day, so we should have new details on the movie soon. Stay tuned to Horror News Network for all of the news on this upcoming Quentin Tarantino project as it breaks!

John Evans
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