Primal Carnage giving away beta codes

Primal Carnage – the online multiplayer shootout pitting humans and dinosaurs in bloody combat – has officially gone into beta, and to celebrate, Reverb Publishing is spreading the love to its fans by giving away loads of beta codes to the community. Here are the details:  All you have to do to get in on the action is follow Reverb Publishing on Twitter or Like us on Facebook – that’s it! That means that as thanks for the follow, each lucky fan will be able to get their hands on some brutal humans vs. dinos action and faceoff in an epic team deathmatch battle 65 million years in the making. Primal Carnage is the dinosaur title for which the world has been waiting. Dinosaurs take center stage in this class-based online multiplayer shooter featuring fast-paced between a team of humans brave enough to stand toe to toe with hordes of some of the most vicious animals ever to walk the face of the earth. Players can choose to take on both sides of the battle as either the human classes utilizing an arsenal of distinct and unique weaponry or inhabit the body of one of these menacing and powerful dinosaurs intent on leaving a trail of blood and destruction in their wake. 

Check out the Primal Carnage giving away beta codes.

Primal Carnage horror game
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