Stephen King Reveals The Dark Tower Teaser Poster

Fans of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower have been clamoring for any information on the upcoming film adaptation they can get their hands on. This morning, King obliged by offered up a brand new teaser poster image on his Facebook account, which has spread across the internet like wildfire:

Stephen King’s Facebook Reveal of The Dark Tower Teaser Poster

Check out the entire poster image below:


The Dark Tower is directed by Nikolaj Arcel (director of the original Swedish 2009 version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), and stars Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, and Katheryn Winnick. It will arrive in theaters on July 28th, 2017. Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more developments on The Dark Tower as they break!

Horror Fans Descended Upon Seymour, CT for John Carpenter Double Feature

On Saturday night, Connecticut Cult Classics paid tribute to legendary director John Carpenter by showcasing two of his films at the Strand Theater in Seymour, CT. Dubbed “John Carpenter Night” the double bill featured Big Trouble in Little China and The Thing. Fan favorite Kurt Russell starred in both films.

The 1986 classic, Big Trouble in Little China was first on the big screen. Fans roared with laughter as they watched trucker, “Jack Burton” (played by Kurt Russell) thrust into a mystic battle set in Chinatown.  Russell is joined by Kim Cattrall who plays “Gracie Law” in the film and James Hong is the evil antagonist, “Lo Pan.”

After a brief intermission, up next was a movie that is considered one of the scariest films of all time, John Carpenter’s The Thing. The mood of the audience at The Strand Theater quickly changed from cheerful to tense. Released in 1982, the film follows a group of research scientists based in Antarctica that are besieged by a killer alien that can take the form of anybody or anything. In addition to Kurt Russell, the film stars Wilford Brimley and Keith David.

At the end of the night movie goers were treated to freebies in the form of Chinese food to-go boxes that were filled with memorabilia from Big Trouble in Little China.

Larry Dwyer, owner of Connecticut Cult Classics announced that the next event will feature a double bill of Lady Terminator and The Predator on April 22nd.























































































Famed Horror Artist Bernie Wrightson Dead at 68

Famed horror comic artist and illustrator Bernie Wrightson has died at 68 years of age.

Liz Wrightson posted the news on the official Bernie Wrightson website this morning stating that her husband had passed, “After a long battle with brain cancer.”

Liz Wrightson detailed his substantial contributions to the comic book and horror industry in the obituary, recalling that, “His first professional comic work appeared in House of Mystery #179 in 1968. He continued to work on a variety of mystery and anthology titles for both DC and its principal rival, Marvel Comics. In 1971, with writer Len Wein, Wrightson co-created the muck creature Swamp Thing for DC. He also co-created Destiny, later to become famous in the work of Neil Gaiman. By 1974 he had left DC to work at Warren Publishing who were publishing black-and-white horror-comics magazines. There he produced a series of original work as well as adaptations of stories by H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe.” 

Wrightson also,”…spent seven years drawing approximately 50 detailed pen-and-ink illustrations to accompany an edition of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, which the artist considers among his most personal work. Wrightson drew the poster for the Stephen King-penned horror film Creepshow, as well as illustrating the comic book adaptation of the film. This led to several other collaborations with King, including illustrations for the novella “Cycle of the Werewolf,” the restored edition of King’s apocalyptic horror epic, The Stand, and art for the hardcover editions of “From a Buick 8” and Dark Tower V.  Wrightson has contributed album covers for a number of bands, including Meat Loaf. The “Captain Sternn” segment of the animated film Heavy Metal is based on the character created by Wrightson for his award-winning short comic series of the same name.”

In addition to his work in the comic book industry, Wrightson also worked on several films as a conceptual artist, lending his talents to Ghostbusters, The Faculty, Galaxy Quest, Spiderman, Land of the Dead, and The Mist.

Wrightson is survived by his wife Liz, two sons, John and Jeffrey, and one stepson, Thomas Adamson.  The entire comic and horror community send their love to Wrightson’s family and will continue to celebrate his work for years to come.

Sony Announces Venom Movie, Pushes Back The Girl in the Spider’s Web

Sony announced earlier this week that Fede Alvarez’s The Girl in the Spider’s Web would hit theaters on October 5th, 2018. Variety now reports that the film has been pushed back two weeks to make way for a different kind of spider. The Girl in the Spider’s Web will now premiere in theaters two weeks later, on October 18th, and the October 5th slot will be filled by a new film featuring one of Spider-Man’s most notorious foes… Venom!

This sounds like a win-win for everyone, seeing as the delay to Spider’s Web isn’t significant, and there are likely many moviegoers out there who will want to see both movies when they come out without having to camp out at the theater all weekend.

Sony is likely eager to bring this fan-favorite supervillain/anti-hero to the big screen, given the recent financial successes of films like Deadpool and Suicide Squad, as well as the July 7th, 2017 release date of their premiere collaboration with Marvel Studios: Spider-Man: Homecoming. It has not yet been revealed if or how the two projects will interconnect; but frankly, it’d be insane for them not to seeing how this storytelling device/gimmick has worked well for every other studio with superhero properties.

The script for Venom will be written by Scott Rosenberg (Con Air, High Fidelity) and Jeff Pinker (The Amazing Spider-Man 2 *gulp*), and the film will be produced by Avi Arad (X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man) and Matt Tolmach (The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming). Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more developments on Venom and The Girl in the Spider’s Web as they break!


Ridley Scott Interested in More Alien Sequels After Alien: Covenant

In a conversation with Fandango, director Ridley Scott teased that more Alien films would follow his upcoming film Alien: Covenant (which is due out on May 19th. )

Scott confirmed that the sequel to Covenant is already written and titled (Alien: Awakening).  Scott also ambitiously stated that the series could extend to four films, confirming that ,”there will be more after this. I think that was the question. If this is successful, and then the next one, and then there will definitely be three more.”

He also discussed the order of the films and where they fit in the story-line.  Scott said, “It will go Prometheus, Awakening, Covenant.. fairly integral where this colonization ship is on the way….”

Scott also discussed the differences between his last film in the series, Prometheus, and Alien: Covenant, revealing that the new film will begin,”…to answer the who and why.  It’s definitely gorier, and smarter. In it, we raise some very interesting questions about the position and possibility of AI against human condition, and it crosses into the zone of apartheid — kind of like how Roy Batty was treated like a second-class citizen [in Blade Runner]. And so is David (Michael Fassbender). The knee-jerk was to create a second-class citizen, even if he is superior to everyone. So the natural thing to do at the end of Prometheus was to send them off together because when you think you’ve got it, you’ve got to keep the characters alive, as opposed to killing them. And (Covenant) starts to answer the who and why.”

The success of Alien: Covenant will certainly play a role in Scott’s upcoming plans, but hopefully the director will get his chance to add to the mythology of the storied franchise that he created in 1979.



Scream Season 3 May Feature New Cast and Rebooted Story

MTV’s Scream television series hasn’t particularly lived up to fan or studio expectations. Season One of the show averaged about 750,000 viewers, and Season Two took a dramatic dip to an average of approximately 380,000 viewers. Originally slated for 14 episodes, Season Two was cut back to 12 and a self-contained Halloween special which aired two months after the season ended. Some thought at the time that this could be the end of the Brandon James storyline that the show continuously promised to wrap up, but loose ends were not tied up and a shortened Season Three was eventually announced. Now, Deadline is reporting that all bets may be off for this upcoming abbreviated season: we may see a new cast and a new story!

According to Deadline, main cast members from the show have begun to book commitments to other shows with MTV’s blessing. For example, Willa Fitzgerald has a prominent role Fox’s upcoming Behind Enemy Lines. MTV and Dimension had no comment on any of this speculation, but the fact is that the show is on its third showrunner in three seasons, and the speculation is that a fresh start may be the only way to earn back those coveted ratings.

Keep in mind that nothing has been officially announced and this is purely a rumor at this point. If it holds true, a baffling element of this development is that the one thing most people who watch the show can agree on is that they like the characters! John Karna, Bex Taylor-Klaus and Carlson Young have particularly developed a strong following due to their roles as Noah, Audrey and Brooke, respectively. Ditching these fan-favorites comes with the risk of alienating viewers who were tuning in particularly to watch these characters. On the other hand, if the show is reborn in a meaningful and powerful way, returning viewers may still tune in as the show attracts more viewers.

Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more news on the Scream television series as it breaks.

Fox In Negotiations With J.D. Dillard to Direct The Fly Remake

It appears that the cinematic remake of the horror cult classic The Fly is one step closer to becoming reality.  Deadline is reporting that Fox is currently in negotiations with rising star director J.D. Dillard (Sleight) to helm the much-anticipated project.  Dillard is an interesting choice, as his hiring would indicate that the studio is looking for a fresh take on the beloved film series.  If the deal is finalized, Dillard is expected to co-write the script as well, with writing partner Alex Theurer.

The Fly became a hit sensation when it premiered to movie audiences back in 1958.  The horror-themed subject matter of a scientist who is turned into a human/fly hybrid in an experiment gone wrong (based on a short story by George Langelaan) was unlike anything that had been released at the time.  The Fly was the subject of a 1986 remake starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis, which was directed by David Cronenberg (Videodrome, Scanners).  Many consider this film to be among Cronenberg’s best entries.  The original film was followed up by two sequels, something that Fox is hoping will follow with the potential success of the current remake.

Dillard burst upon the scene at last year’s Sundance Film Festival.  His debut film Sleight, which premiered at the festival and deals with a young street magician forced into illegal activities in order to protect his little sister, was met with positive reaction from the film community.  WWE Studios and Blumhouse acquired the film rights and plan to release it theatrically on April 28th of this year.  Dillard also directed and co-wrote that movie, along with Theurer.  Currently, the duo are in pre-production for Sweetheart, a horror-thriller also set to be released for Blumhouse.

Stay tuned to HNN for further updates on this developing story!

Cullen Bunn Discusses Regression and Upcoming 2017 Horror Comics

Over the past few years, Cullen Bunn has become without question one of the most sought after and prolific comic book writers on the planet. With work on titles like  Blood Feud, The Sixth Gunn, Hellheim, Deadpool, Spiderman and Harrow County, Bunn has covered many genres along the way.  This year the Horror Comic Award winning writer will be adding Regression to his resume.  We recently caught up with Bunn to talk about the new series and what else we can expect from the “Bunnderdome” in 2017.

Horror News Network:  First off, congrats on being names Horror News Network’s Horror Comic Writer of the Year! You’ve been so incredibly prolific over the last few years.  How do you keep that creativity flowing so consistently?

Cullen Bunn: Thank you! Horror is something I dearly love, so it’s an honor to be recognized as contributing to the genre!

The creativity aspects of the job have never been a problem for me. In fact, one of the reasons I work so much is that I have all these ideas flowing through my brain all the time, and I just want to get them written! The only real problem for me is time management and a tendency to over commit. I got through this every now and then. I want to do everything, even when it’s not possible.

I know I should—for the sake of my sanity—get better about that, but I know it’s not gonna happen.

Horror News Network:  You’re currently working on several titles besides the upcoming Regression, one of which being the fan favorite Harrow County.  Any update on the SyFy adaptation?

Cullen Bunn: The script for the pilot episode (and an outline for several seasons) has been developed and is making the rounds with the powers that be. Becky Kirsch, who is working on the scripts, has an amazing take on the story. It’s both true to the source material and exciting and new. Fingers crossed!

Horror News Network: Let’s chat about your new Image title, Regression now.  It’s based around your main character, Adrian, going for past life regression therapy and bringing something back with him from the past.  What was the inspiration for storyline?

Cullen Bunn: My father was a professional stage hypnotist, and I saw many strange feats of the human mind while watching him perform. Sometimes, in smaller group sessions, he would conduct past life regressions. That’s when things got really strange. I witnessed people describing—in vivid detail—day-to-day life from centuries earlier. I heard people speaking with perfect accents from faraway lands. I heard others speaking in languages they didn’t know.

There was this one guy, though. My dad hypnotized him and started the regression. He went back five years, ten, twenty, and the guy recalled precise details from his youth and childhood. But when he was regressed even further, into the years before he was born, the subject just sat there in this still, eerie silence. My dad said that maybe he had never had another life. But I remember thinking that they guy DID have past lives, but they were too frightening to talk about.

That has stuck with me for all these years. And somewhere along the way, the notion struck me: what if your past life was awful? And what if, when you did a past life regression, the awfulness followed you back?



Horror News Network: How does Adrian’s journey with the past affect his character?  Is it symbolic of anything?

Cullen Bunn: It’s said that your past always catches up to you. It’s there. What’s done is done. You can make peace with it, or you can let it consume you. In this case, though, Adrian is dealing with a past that is not really his own. He’s connecting with the life of Gregory Sutter, who is not a nice man and who did some very wicked things. How do you make peace with that? It impacts Adrian in a big way, though, because when we first meet him he is a pretty closed off person. As his story continues, as he deals with the repercussions of a past life intruding on his consciousness, it forces him to remember and deal with events in his own past.

Horror News Network: Have you ever had past life regression therapy?

Cullen Bunn: Oh, Lord no! At least, not the way my father used to conduct it. When I was in college, I attended a kind of new age group past life regression session. More than anything, I was just curious if it compared to what my father used to do. Suffice it to say, it did not. It was more about daydreaming about what other lives you might have lived. I can’t imagine that an event like that would do anything to change a skeptic’s mind.

But I wouldn’t dare even let anyone try to hypnotize me. I’m too much of a control freak.

Horror News Network: In three words describe Regression.

Cullen Bunn:  Ghastly. Erotic. Epic.

Horror News Network: What else can we expect from the “Bunnderdome” in 2017?

Cullen Bunn: Well, in addition to Regression, I’m working on a number of horror-themed comics. We’ve got The Damned, which is a horror/noir story, a prohibition gangster tale with demons. That was the first comic I ever worked on professionally, and we’re finally bringing it back as an ongoing. But that’s not all, I have four other creator-owned books, all either overt horror or with horrific themes, that will be announced in the next few months. I’m definitely planting my feet in the bloodstained ground of horror comics!

Horror News Network: Thanks Cullen!

Regression hits comic stores on May 10th through Image Comics.



FX Renews Legion for a Second Season

Marvel has just announced via twitter that Legion has been picked up for a second season on FX.

Eric Schrier and Nick Grad, Presidents of Original Programming at FX, praised the trippy, genre-bending series in an official press release.

Schrier stated that, “The first season of Legion was a stunning achievement. More than a new series, Legion is a wholly original take on the super hero genre. Our thanks to Noah Hawley for taking the creative risks and shattering expectations. It’s a privilege to work again with Noah, his producing partners, the outstanding cast and our partners at Marvel Television on another season of Legion.”

The critically acclaimed series (based on Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz’s run on New Mutants from the mid-1980’s) combines science fiction, horror, and super hero elements to create an entertaining and mind-bending mix.  The first season consists of eight episodes and, although ratings have dipped from the debut episode, it it still one of the highest rated new programs on cable television.  If you haven’t checked out this series yet, and you are looking for something off-kilter that avoids stereotypical genre conventions, Legion may be the show for you.

Legion airs at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesdays on FX.

Bates Motel – Season 5, Episode 4: “Hidden” Analysis and Review

If Driver A is traveling south at a distracted speed while Pedestrian B is running north at an equally distracted speed, and the two collide, how revolting will it be to find that Pedestrian B is dead as a doornail? And so begins Episode 5, with Chick standing over the roadkill of Caleb, confirming what I (unsuccessfully) willed was not going to happen in last week’s review.   I whimper yet part of me is relieved. An already simple and impetuous man, Caleb would not have survived a world without Norma and Dylan. He would have self-imploded – killed or been killed in a short matter of time. Upon being released from the basement, he cried, “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go.” That decision was serendipitously made for him. Godspeed, Calhoun.


Romero proves he’s stronger than a shotgun blast to the gut. He sneaks away from the farm and onto a vacant ambulance filled with the accoutrements necessary to dress his own wounds. Barely able to walk, he is warily taken in by Maggie Summers, sister of the late Keith Summers (#SeriesPremiereRapist). I may have written him off too soon; he schemes like the Romero I once knew.


Did I mention there’s a new sheriff in town? Jane Greene rides a bike to work and is kind and social. (Hmmm. That’s a switch.) She discovers that Alex Romero has escaped custody. She’s also on the look for Romero’s former inmate buddy – Jim Blackwell – who jumped parole…but not before leaving behind a handwritten note that read, “Bates Motel”. Sheriff Greene visits Norman at the house in hopes of putting together pieces of coincidence. Norman has a less than composed reaction to learning that Romero is loose but keeps it together enough to send the sheriff on her way. Until, that is, she returns with Blackwell’s note and asks to see a guest registry. You know….to compare handwriting. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. I can’t even contain myself over this Hitchcockian parallel. Sheriff Green/Detective Arbogast flipping through the book looking for Jim Blackwell/Marion Crane’s handwriting while Norman/Norman inquisitively looks on…the angle from under his jaw as he chews and swallows?!?! Kudos to Max Thieriot (Dylan Massett) in his directorial debut for this slick homage. Seriously. I passed out for a second there.


Chick has been humbled and steps back a bit from his exploitative zeal. He (and Norma) disagree with Norman on how to properly dispose of Caleb’s body. In addition to being the one driving the manslaughter vehicle, Chick is quick to stress the secrets that would be uncovered if the authorities were involved. He volunteers to get rid of the corpse and in an unexpected and moving turn, Chick sends Caleb off Viking-style, wrapped in white dressings and flora aboard a flaming canoe casket. Chick’s respect and dedication to the ritual is agonizingly beautiful. He returns to the Bates home with a stash of personal belongings, ready to continue his residency but is bluntly and politely turned away by Norman who thinks that the house isn’t big enough for the three of them. Chick is devastated and angry. He’s become quite attached to his role in the home, the warmer roof over his head, (possibly) the continuing storyline of his suspense novel, (definitely) Norma and her hold over Norman. It’s this compassion that compels Chick to agree to help Norman dispose of Jim Blackwell’s car haphazardly hidden in the woods. He cannot turn away from Norman’s open struggle to break free from his maternal delusions.


Norma’s appearances are completely dictated by Norman, more so than we’ve seen so far. Her presence is so owned by Norman that she has evolved into an irritable and indecisive teenager. Vera Farmiga’s lazy vocabulary, poor posture and rolling eyes convert the once commanding Norma into an inadequate contender. As Norman appears to become more mature and disciplined, Norma becomes more childish and irresponsible. What an incredible transformation.


At the end of last week’s episode, we saw Norman do his best to fight off Norma when he set Caleb free. His determination to make his own decisions and do what he thinks is right and normal completely carries this week’s episode. 30 years after first playing Norman Bates on the silver screen, actor Anthony Perkins told The Washington Post, “Norman is, at heart, a benevolent soul with a dark side. But Norman’s conscious mind is always on the positive things in life.” We see hope and honesty in Norman that we have not seen before. He insists on calling the cops when Caleb is killed. He packs up Mother’s old dresses and some trinkets as a first step to purging and starting fresh. He proudly turns away Chick because – let’s face it – who has a kimono-wearing manservant these days? Heck, he even tells Norma that he is sick of getting rid of bodies.


During his efforts to take back his life, the darndest thing happened. Norman killed his mother. He fought with her in the woods while searching for Jim Blackwell’s hidden car and he smothered her to death. He suffocated his dead mother. He consciously and willingly extinguished the persona he perpetuated. Now if that isn’t the ultimate defiance, I don’t know what is. But deep down, we know Norman’s limitations. When dead-dead Norma comes back to life, dead Norma tells him to never do that again. He is shaken and frightened, at both losing his mother (again) and at being driven to kill her (again).


As he gets back on his ‘Road to Independence’ tour bus, Norman is determined to accept and enjoy Madeleine Loomis’ interest. It feels normal. And it feels damned good. His pure joy over her affections is bittersweet; he’s so smitten yet we know what his future holds. He offers her some of Norma’s old dresses – even though he knows it’s creepy to give your dead mother’s clothes to the woman you’re crushing. Unless, of course, you’re crushing because she reminds you of your dead mother. She accepts the gift (?) and later invites him for dinner because she’s bored while her hubby is away. Norman does his platonic best at dinner (after he recovers from Madeleine answering the door in one of Norma’s classic blue and white tank dresses) but succumbs to her advances and hoists her onto the counter for some full-on snogging. But Mother knows just when to show up, even if Norman has kept her at bay this long. Flashes of Norma slashing Madeleine’s throat send Norman running to the car. To my surprise, Norma was not in the backseat waiting to scold. And to Norman’s surprise, she was not home expected to explain herself. And to all of our surprise, Norman finally sees his home for exactly what it is – a cold, filthy dump.


C’mon, Norman. You can do this. You’ve come so far. Deep breaths. That’s it. Breathe deeply. There. You’re calm now. Oh, no….