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Flash-Drac: Marvels Dracula Part 1 – 1972 to 1983

Staff member, Wayne Lackey, has submitted his latest article: Flash-Drac: Marvel’s Dracula Part 1 – 1972 to 1983.

Following the relaxation of horror-related restrictions by the Comics Code Authority, Marvel launched their line of classic monster titles in the early 1970s, including The Tomb of Dracula (ToD), Werewolf by Night, and The Frankenstein Monster. Marvel’s version of Dracula was introduced in the first issue of ToD in 1972. The premise of ToD was a little different than typical comic book fare, given that the series’ protagonist was a villain; this was uncommon during the Bronze Age, and for a time ToD held the distinction of being the longest-running title with a villain as the main character at 70 issues.

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Dracula comic
Clive Barker comic

The Complete Clive Barker’s Great And Secret Show review

Collected here in one deluxe edition is the complete 12-part saga that comprises the comic book adaptation of master of horror Clive Barker’s epic journey into the fantastic, The Great and Secret Show. Adapted by Chris Ryall (Zombies vs. Robots) and artist Gabriel Rodriguez (Land of the Dead), this collection presents the ultimate battle between good and evil that spans many decades and dimensions. Also featuring complete cover galleries by Gabriel Rodriguez and Clive Barker, full issue-by-issue annotations by Ryall, and more!

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Terminator T800

T-800 Endoskeleton 1:2 Scale Replica

Produced by the Hollywood Collectors Gallery. The menacing Endo stands atop an impressive display base, which incorporates built-in blue LED lights. The Endoskeleton itself is a sturdy mixture of chromed metal, polystone, and other materials. When activated, the eyes glow with red light. Standing approximately 3 feet tall.

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Terminator T800
Naughty Bear game

Naughty Bear for Prime Minister

Naughty Bear has launched his bid to be Britain’s next Prime Minister on his official UK Facebook page. Naughty Bear wants to shake the country up and wants help from the people to decide what he should stand for and who should support him.

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Devils own comic

The Devil’s Own #1 review

Quickening Pandemonium”—Pedro Felsenstein is back, and he’s not alone. Recently returned to Hechs Manor from a fool’s errand in the Abyss, Welp discovers the well-coiffed live-in divorce lawyer for Claudia and Dominic Hechs. Nor has Welp arrived empty-handed, for he carries with him the mysterious Urn of Unending from his previous exploit. The urn, it turns out, is capable of granting three wishes, which immediately presents a problem, since there are now four residents at Hechs Manor. A lightning flash of lust and a thunderclap of sadism seal the coffin shut, but in the end there remains an unclaimed wish, a troubling loose end, and a deepening question of where Mr. Felsenstein’s allegiances lie.

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Devils own comic

Splatterhouse to contain the classic 16 bit games

Namco Bandai’s gory re-imagining of the 16-bit side-scrolling classic Splatterhouse will come with an unlockable bonus: three 16-bit side-scrolling classic Splatterhouse games.

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Angel: Barbary Coast #2 preview

The New World is turning out to be more than Angel bargained for as he’s confronted with a monstrous, mythical beast, and continues to try and find a ‘cure’ for his painful new soul. But when the earth begins to shake, Angel finds himself facing the cause of one histories great ‘natural’ disasters.

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Eternal Descent #2 preview

Chaos descends upon the stage, as the city crumbles into a ravaged wasteland. Loki has bested the fallen angel Sirian and seized Lyra Constance for his own. Or has he? As the curtains lift-and the sounds surge-Loki may have grabbed hold of more than he bargained for. Guest starring Doc Coyle & God Forbid.

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We Will Bury You #3 preview

Coney Island isn’t the best place to fight off flesh-eating zombie masses, but when there is no more room downtown, the ladies must run to the beach. After Mirah and Fanya befriend a group of sideshow freaks, simmering group tensions come to a boil as inflamed zombies break into their fancy hotel refuge. Zombies on fire!

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Dellec #4 preview

As Dellec makes his way towards the only safe refuge he has, he comes face to face with some very unwelcome ‘acquantances’ from his past. Unarmed and outmanned, it’s going to be a very long day for Dellec at the hands of Silverback! And if Dellec makes it out alive, Terra will be waiting with a very explosive surprise! With an ending to die for, this issue leads up to next month’s incredible series finale!

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