Occupy Midian – Nightbreed re-cut?

by: Larry Dwyer

Now I’m not normally a “petitions” kind of guy. However, I have found just the kind of petition that I can really get behind: “Occupy Midian”. “Occupy Midian” is a website/movement put together by people who are petitioning to get a glimpse of the entire uncut version of Clive Barker’s 1990 classic “Nightbreed”. I remember seeing “Nightbreed” in the theater and being so mesmerized by all of the gorgeous monsters and I remember thinking how original it was that the monsters were actually the good guys. Not long after that, I read the story that the film was based on, “Cabal”. After reading the story, I became kind of upset by what I thought were missed opportunities in the movie; missed chances to make “Nightbreed” one of the most spectacular and original horror films in years.

It wasn’t until much later that I found out how disappointed Clive Barker was with the released product. For years, people, including Clive himself, have been talking about what could have been. There has always been talk of a lost twenty-five minutes of footage cut from the original film. Well now it appears that it was much more than twenty-five minutes and fans, me included, are dying for a re-cut. Below is a transcript of tweets from Clive Barker’s Twitter account when he got the news:

Unbelievable news. When Mark Miller (apologies. I am shaking with excitement) volunteered to try and find my cut of Nightbreed, I thought there was 25 minutes missing.  I was wrong. Phil and Sarah Stokes called.  They possess a video copy of my Work Print, 44 minutes longer than the theatrical release.  Now all we need is somebody to fund the reconstruction of what was always intended to be Celebration of the Shamanic Outsider.  When Nightbreed was released the only support came from the gay press.  But the movie seems to have found a broader audience.  Nightbreed‘s about outsiders.  And if the Inside is grey fat hamburgers and eye candy I’ll stay outside with the monsters.  It’s wonderful that people find something of value in Nightbreed, though it reveals my failings both as an artist and as a man.  The failure as an artist is tied to the inability to function as a normal member of the species; to pack every sliver of time with significance, like capsules of humanity on craft sent to the stars.

There you have it, folks. Fourty-four minutes of unreleased “Nightbreed” goodness and I want in; I hope you do too. Below is a link to both the online petition to get this thing done as well as a link to the “Occupy Midian” site itself.

“Midian is where the mosters live.”



Larry Dwyer
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