The Nun Set to Haunt Theaters July of 2018

Fans of the Conjuring films have been anxiously awaiting The Nun, the movie centering around the now iconic villain from The Conjuring 2. We have learned today that the second spin-off from the series will be hitting theaters on July 13, 2018.

First featured in The Conjuring 2, everyone’s favorite demonic nun, Valak, played by Bonnie Aarons will be front and center for The Nun. The film will be directed by Corin Hardy with any further details on the James Wan and Gary Dauberman screenplay being held tightly under wraps.

Horror fans have to wonder what direction are they going to take this character. Valak is a reference to the highest figure in the demonic world, who historically has appears as a child and commands thirty legions in hell. With that said, The Nun has plenty of opportunity to summon up enough of a story line for fans of the macabre.

The first spin-off from The Conjuring films, Annabelle, was released in 2014 to mixed reviews, but enough ticket sales at the box office to warrant Annabelle 2, due out in August of this year. In July of 2018 we will know if highly anticipated film will be able to achieve the same box office success as  The Conjuring and Annabelle.  Horror News Network will keep you posted on details as they emerge.






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