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“NightWhere” is a disturbing little story about a young married couple named Mark and Rae. Mark is just your average married guy and Rae…well Rae is anything but average. Early on in their relationship, Mark realized that he couldn’t fully keep his wife satisfied in the bedroom. While he was always satisfied, she seemed to hunger for more. One day Mark asked her if she wanted to have sex with another man and without missing a beat, Rae asked, “Who did you have in mind?”


The couple begins frequenting sex clubs and while he’s not afraid to try out a girl or two, he doesn’t seem to get much enjoyment out of it; not like Rae does anyway. Mark is eager enough to give Rae the space that she needs to experiment because he knows that in the end, she always comes home to him. While Mark seems satisfied, Rae is always looking for the next new thing, the next hot scene to quench her insatiable appetite for sex. She finally finds this when they receive an invitation to the exclusive sex club NightWhere.


When the fun couple arrives at NightWhere, it seems like any other sex club on the outside but, as you can probably guess, it holds some pretty deep, dark secrets on the inside. Rae is immediately enthralled by being able to act out all of her pain-loving fantasies and while Mark doesn’t partake, he encourages her to do her thing. Her bloodlust, however, is noted and she is soon invited to a secret part of the club called The Red. As she starts frequenting The Red, Rae begins slipping away from Mark. Then one night, she does not come home at all. Mark goes to NightWhere to find his wife and that, my friends, is when the shit really hits the fan.


To be blunt, “NightWhere” is sick, twisted and disturbing…but I don’t mean that in a bad way. When you look past all of the “Hellraiser”-type torture, pain and gore, this book has legs. It’s well written and the characters are developed in such a way that you really find yourself caring for them. The pace made it so it was hard to put down; even though I felt dirty while I was reading it.


I’ve never read the world-wide sensation “50 Shades of Grey”, and I really doubt that I ever will, but I don’t see how it could possibly compare with the frighteningly perverse novel that is John Everson’s “NightWhere”; just don’t expect to find your significant other reading “NightWhere” next to you in bed.


But if you do happen to find them reading it…you’d better fucking run.

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