Night Terrors becomes In the Dark

The web series, Night Terrors, created by writer/directors David Buchert and Chris St.Croix has changed its name to IN THE DARK and is about to become a full-length feature anthology film. When the Tales From The Crypt-styled horror anthology series launched in November of 2011, the first episode, "The Keeper" was immediately banned from Youtube and Vimeo for nudity and violence. Soon after, the production teamed with the popular horror website and it enjoyed a successful web run with over 80,000 views. In January the second episode, "Dummy" premiered to even larger numbers. Its trailer alone garnered another 90,000 views on Youtube. According to "The Keeper" director Chris St.Croix, "We realized that we wanted to do more episodes, but we didn't have the funding in place to make it happen fast enough." It was after both episodes were accepted into multiple film festivals that "Dummy" director David Buchert says they knew what they had to do. "Deciding to turn the series into an anthology feature made perfect sense. But we wanted to make sure we could have it out by Halloween 2012 and also keep the same high production values as the first two episodes." So on April 24th, the IN THE DARK Indiegogo fundraising campaign begins. 

Check out the Night Terrors becomes In the Dark.

In the Dark horror movie
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