Netflix & BonusXP Release ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Mobile Game

Netflix is ramping up the excitement as we inch closer and closer to the October 27th premiere of Stranger Things Season 2. This morning, the streaming service released a new game based on the popular television series for iOS and Android devices. The free game, which is the result of a collaboration with indie studio BonusXP Inc, was released to fans as a complete surprise. In this new side-scrolling adventure, players can take control of the series’ various popular characters and explore famous Hawkins locations, solve puzzles, and collect Eggos and gnomes to unlock bonus features. The game is meant to have the retro look and feel of the video games of 1984, when the new season of the show takes place.

You can watch a brief trailer for the game below:

The sounds and visuals are unmistakably characteristic of the franchise while still appearing as if they were lifted right out of a classic game from the past! Although the theme song certainly sounds like the 8-bit generation, the graphics look a more like Super Nintendo material than something that would run on the NES. That was probably a wise decision on BonusXP’s part, as the extra details, colors, and sprites help better flesh out the world of the show.

As you mark the days on your calendar until the show’s premiere, consider installing the game to help whittle away the hours! Furthermore, this unannounced release could mean that Netflix has more surprises up their sleeves between now and the show’s premiere. Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more details on Stranger Things Season Two as they break!

John Evans
Staff Writer at Horror News Network
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