Moonlight Online Relaunched

Moonlight Online is getting a relaunch we have the official release below.

For those who’ve never entered the dark realms of Moonlight Online before, now’s the time to act. Prepare yourselves for an epic dose of Vampires, Humans and Werewolves locked in battles of rage and romance. Best of all, we’ve done away with all the mushiness and shininess of any teen pop movies.

Moonlight Online is a 3D MMORPG developed by IGG, the company that brought you Galaxy Online II and Dawn of Darkness. Elaborately designed with a captivating and original story, Moonlight’s breathtaking environments and flashy character graphics complement the thrilling in-game action! Every moment spent adventuring through these dark forests and arcane crypts is an experience never to be forgotten.

With a near endless combination of racial, class, and weapon skills, players can build their ideal hero or villain. Earn Talent Points as you level up to boost your various skills to make your character stronger. Whether you’re focused on appearance, might, or both, the customization elements are designed with your fantasy in mind.

For veteran players of the original Moonlight Online, this re-launch offers a fresh injection of fun. Always wanted to top the charts, but started too late? Were you searching for a larger community from across the world? Always wished to find a romance spanning distances and cultures? This is the time to start a new journey with new companions and fresh faces!

There’s so much fun yet so little time. Join today and find the thrills you’ve been searching for. Moonlight Online is available for free download on March 20th 21:30 EDT (GMT – 4), 2013.

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