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Readers curious as to what’s in store with the spoilerific title and cover of Marvel Comics upcoming “Death of Dracula” one-shot can rest easy about some of the pieces of the puzzle as Vice-President Executive Editor Tom Brevoort promises “It’s no big surprise that he dies. That’s not the shocking climax of the first issue…it’s the shocking beginning.”

Brevoort and fellow VP Executive Editor Axel Alonso teamed with “Death of Dracula” and upcoming “X-Men” writer Victor Gischler for a conference call with members of the press, and CBR News was on hand to ask about the fallout from the “shocking beginning” set for the June 30 one-shot (drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli) as well as the “Curse of the Mutants” event which will start in “X-Men” #1 in July by Gischler and Paco Medina and support a number of spinoff titles yet to be announced. “We’re looking to explain and organize the vampire universe for future use,” Alonso explained. “Just like we redesign characters and redesign teams, there’s a lot of questions about vampires around the globe – the level of unification, who they are, what the leadership is, who’s at the top of the pyramid. We’re looking to answer that in this one-shot, and of course the inciting incident is the death of Dracula. The big question is: who fills that power vacuum and why? What’s their agenda and what do they do?

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Marvel comics vampires
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