Lucy Lawless Cast in Starz’s ‘Evil Dead’ Sequel

Lucy Lawless has been cast in Starz’s ‘Evil Dead’ Sequel ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’, along side Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo. Bruce Campbell is reprising his role as Ash, who has been avoiding growing up for thirty years, when he is forced to take on a Deadite who threatens to destroy the human race. Santiago is co-starring as Pablo Simon Bolivar, who becomes Ash’s sidekick. Deloranzo is playing Kelly Maxwell, who is dragged into the fight against the Deadites. Lawless is playing Ruby, who is on a quest to hunt down the source of the evil outbreaks. However, she believes Ash is the source of it. The 10 episode half-hour series is expected to premiere in late 2015, with production beginning in the spring. Sam Raimi is directing the pilot. Raimi, his brother Ivan Raimi and Tom Spezialy co-wrote the pilot.Craig DiGregorio is executive producing, with Ivan Raimi co-executive producing and Aaron Lam producing.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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