Lobster Johnson: A Chain Forged in Life One-Shot Review

By Nick Banks


Lobster Johnson: A Chain Forged in Life One-Shot Review


Writer: Mike Mignola, John Arcudi

Artist: Troy Nixey, Kevin Nowlan

Publisher: Dark Horse

Release Date: July 29, 2015

Rating: 9 out of 10


Synopsis:  It’s “Christmas in July” as the Lobster has to save Santa from a horrible fate! 

Our Thoughts:  Fans of Hellboy and BPRD should be very familiar with the pulp hero Lobster Johnson.  In the grand tradition of the Shadow and the Spider, he is a classic hard-boiled mystery man who punishes the wicked and defends the innocent.  And when it comes to innocent, who wouldn’t want to protect a department store Santa on Christmas Eve!   


The story follows a similar morality play style more akin to classic EC Horror than the Mignola-verse, but Johnson fits the bill as the supernatural arbiter of justice.  The Lobster is in fact the only supernatural element in the entire story.  This is not a criticism however, as we get to see the hero from the perspective of the criminals and the wayward Santa.   


Fan favorite Kevin Nolan returns to his first action since: Hellboy’s “Buster Oakley Gets His Wish” and Lobster Johnson’s “Satan Smells a Rat”.  His realistic art bookends the story and newcomer Troy Nixey’s exaggerated, almost Dick Tracy-esque style works well for this story set in the 1940’s.  Get ready for your present early this year!


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