Indiegogo Campaign Launched for “6 Days Dark”

Hollydan Works Productions has been working on a new film called 6 Days Dark. Now, the filming is completed and ready for the final phase, post-production. This phase is quite costly so the producers have opened an Indiegogo campaign to seek help from Horror fans around the world to offset the post-production costs in order to release the film in the summer of 2014.

D. Daniel Vujic, the CEO of Hollydan Works Distribution, is the writer and lead producer along with partner Pawel Hohne on the new horror film featuring an assemble of talented actors from eight countries, Canada, Australia, the USA, Venezuela, Serbia, Russia, and the UK, the film features Russia’s very own Robert Redford, Oleg Vidov known to Russian movie audiences for nearly five decades. Vujic and Hohne and their experienced team have written and produced a highly entertaining horror film that has been featured in Fangora, America’s Popular Horror Film Magazine. During the filming in the Balkans the production received an extraordinary amount of media attention.

The Indiegogo campaign has a deadline of April 5, 2014, and a funding goal of $7,000 US although the actual cost of the post-production is much greater, the producers are looking for help to offset the costs. The monies raised will help post-production of the film including editing, color correction, voice over recordings, and special visual effects. The producers appreciate any and all contributions to the project and they consider contributors to be a member of the project team. Every supporter will receive weekly updates on the film’s progress and access to the producers via Skype.

6 Days Dark is a psychological horror film about an ancient Eastern European gypsy curse that is planted on the film’s main character, young Tanja J. (Svetlana D. Petkovic). After Tanja’s affair with a rich man, (Russia’s Oleg Vidov) Tanja suffers a curse from the man’s vengeful wife (Lana May) for 6 days and 6 nights, she is tormented by vivid nightmares, hallucinations and the voice of her dead sister Renata (Sonia Carroll). Eventually Tanja J. develops a multiple personality, and the homicidal dark Tanja is born (Ana Maljevic). Each day becomes darker, darker than the day before, as does Tnaja’s soul. At the end of the torments, Tanja must face a demon (Uros Urosevic) that dates back to the Nazi occupation in Europe. On the sixth day, her existence is no more.

Rewards on Indiegogo start at the $10 contribution level and build from there. Even donating at the smallest level assists in the completion of the film. All contributors receive a personalized and signed by the producer fancy letter of ‘Thanks’ and recognition. Each level of support rising from the $10 level gains another prize and all rewards included from the lower contribution levels. Starting at the $25 contribution level, backers receive a digital HD download of the film and high quality MP3 download of the soundtrack. Other rewards include a signed poster, a T-shirt, a hoody, and a flash drive wristband loaded with exclusive behind the scenes photos. The campaign’s highest reward is an opportunity to become an Associate Producer of the 6 Days Dark film. To view the Indiegogo campaign and become a supporter, visit

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