I Shall Remain goes strong on Steam Greenlight

At Midnight on the 17th of September, the creators of ISR released their title onto Greenlight. With players in over 110 countries — along with several appearances on some serious game media outlets like Kotaku and Yogscast — I Shall Remain's producer, Jacob Way, knew it was time for his game to move from its humble start on Desura and make a charge at Steam's Greenlight platform. Within hours, ISR surpassed Greenlight's daily average vote tally threefold, and has been well on its way to the Top 100 list. I Shall Remain is an action RPG that gives you the responsibility of a US Marine Raider who has awoken in a zombie infested world. Steam Greenlight works by allowing players to vote for indie games they believe to be worthy of Steam's incredible distribution network. The games on Steam Greenlight today are on a race to the top and have until October 15 to make their statement. On 15 October, the names of the next 10 games to be brought onto Steam from Greenlight will be revealed. Way attributes some of his game's success on Greenlight to its position on Greenlight's 'Newly Added' list where he believes his game competes very well with others released this month. 

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