Human Centipede Part 3 in the Works

Because you know you can't get enough of the "Human Centipede"movies. People are horrified, disgusted, but they can't look away either. Writer /director Tim Six, always intended this for a trilogy and it is , indeed going to happen.Entertainment Weekly is reporting that May behind production on "Human Centipede Part 3" with a release date of 2013. See report below: "Human Centipede franchise stars Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey will both play lead roles in Human Centipede Part 3 (Final Sequence). The controversial horror series’ writer-director Tom Six has also cast himself in a supporting part for the concluding entry in the Human Centipede trilogy. This casting, which has been exclusively revealed to EW by producer Ilona Six, will be big news for fans of the Human Centipede movies. German actor Laser chillingly played a crazed surgeon who stitches three people together in the first film while U.K. actor Harvey portrayed an equally deranged parking lot attendant called Martin who goes one better (actually, around eight better) in the second entry, which was initially banned in Britain."

Check out the Human Centipede Part 3 in the Works.

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