Howard Ford’s New Film Indelible

To follow up 2010's incredible indie zombie flick, The Dead, Howard Ford is planning "Indelible." You may remember HNN's stellar review of it. With that being said, we can't wait to see what's next from Howard Ford. From the official press release:

"Director Howard J Ford of the critically acclaimed zombie movie ‘The Dead', released by Anchor Bay in February 2012, announces his partnership with Armory Films and Mugshot Films for his new movie ‘Indelible' slated to commence principal photography in September 2012."

"Written and to be directed by Ford, ‘Indelible' is a supernatural thriller and the first acquisition for the newly formed Armory Films headed by Christopher Lemole, Billy Asher Rosenfeld and Tim Zajaros, and Producer Mark Andrews of Mugshot Films.

"'Indelible will not be just any supernatural thriller in the way some think a film like this will play out' – said Ford who is represented by the Gersh Agency. 'When they get to the end of this movie, audiences will not only have felt tension and fear, but I want it to drive thoughts in a way that will hit hard in the heart and stay there long after the credits roll.'

Check out the Howard Ford's New Film Indelible.

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