Horror TV Guide 11/25 – 11/28

Here we are again, fiends! Thankskilling week is upon us so what better way to celebrate than some tasty TV listings?

On Tuesday night head over to IFC as they play both the original and remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street back-to-back so you can choose which one is better (is this really a debate?) On Wednesday it looks like American Horror Story is taking the week off so I’ll be catching my favorite of the Saw series on Showtime Beyond…Saw II. If you’re not watching football or in some drunken stupor on Thanksgiving…hell, even if you are in a drunken stupor, head over to RetroPlex for a not-so-horror classic – The Wraith. Later that night celebrate in style with Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead on Epix Drive-In and then on Friday night head to Chiller for the gruesome Feast.

Catch you later!

Stay gory my friends,


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