Horror News Network’s Comic Awards 2018: Best Mini-Series

Horror News Network’s top mini-series (non-monthly title) for 2018 is Image Comics’ Infidel. 

Infidel (written by Pornsak Pichetshote with art by Aaron Campbell and colored by Jose Villarrubia) garnered immediate praise from the comic press and as described in our review of issue one last March, the series turned out to be “…one that appeal(ed) to fans of atmospheric horror stories as well as those who enjoy smart, socially conscious writing about the real fears that are created through prejudice and ignorance.”

Pichetshote’s naturalistic scripting style and the realistic conversations between the main characters quickly establish the setting and complex societal/cultural issues they face, which along with the recurring nightmares and visions of Aisha create a “ghost story” that is atypical in any medium.  Campbell’s art is also able to walk the line between realism and the preternatural world, strongly establishing both aspects over the course of the five issue series.

Due to the success and notoriety of Pichetshote and Campbell’s story, Infidel is also on the fast track to Hollywood and will be adapted by Director Hany Abu-Assad (The Mountain Between Us) for Tristar Pictures.

The Infidel graphic novel is currently available at finer comic and book stores everywhere and you can also check out our interview with Pichetshote right here.


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